Antigoni Vafeidou holds her bachelor degree in law from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her first master degree is in International and European Financial Studies from Athens University of Economics and Business (M.Sc.).

In London she obtained her second master degree from University College London (UCL-LL.M) with specialism in Competition Law and also has been trained on Human Resources Management skills at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

In Brussels she was active in european lobbying as policy advisor by participating in negotiations of european Directives and Regulations with regard to consumer protection affairs that derive from tsansactions of investment products. 

Antigoni has also been appointed as Supervisor at the Bank of Greece in the sector of Insurance Companies' Liquidation Procedure, while Mr.G. Provopoulos and Y. Stournaras were Governors. She supervised the portfolio of four insurance companies under liquidation with regard to the inventory and liquidation of their property, the compensation of former insured individuals, the findings of the financial audits, the investigation of the activities of previous administrations.

She is a member of Athens Bar Association since 2007 and has also published her articles  in international legal journals on case-law developments relating to competition law issues.